About Market76

Market76 makes financial services work for regular people.

The financial services industry is too complex to help most people achieve their financial goals. There's too much information and too many products for most people to understand it all. The price for personalized financial advice is too high and keeps rising. Consequently most people seldom understand or meet their goals.

We help them solve the financial problem with a click of a button.

Market76 is not a traditional technology company, though we fit the mold in many ways. We value focus, determination, intelligence and the ability to finish. We offer competitive cash and equity compensation, insurance, and the best available technology. Our team represents deep technology, finance, business development and leadership experience at some of the largest and most disruptive financial services and financial technology businesses of the last 30 years.

We are mission-driven, and we seek to hire like-minded individuals. We value teamwork, intellect, loyalty, and dedication to fundamental change above all other attributes.

Retail investors drive a massive share of financial market and worldwide economic performance. The products, services and regulation available to them reflect anachronistic technology, cynical economic outlooks, and one-sided financial services constructs. The resultant deterioration of service destroys wealth, undermines the economy, and harms us all. We're determined to change that.

If you:

  • derive pleasure from testing yourself against truly impactful and challenging problems
  • measure your self-worth on the impact you make in the world
  • want to help millions of people, not just sell things to them
Market76 offers you an excellent opportunity, and we'd love to have you join us.

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